HVAC Project Planning and Development

The Ventcon 5 Stages of HVAC Project Planning and Development

To successfully complete any project, some basic fundamental procedures are necessary:

  • Team realization and buy-in of the project goals and objectives
  • Early implementation of a comprehensive project plan
  • Constant communication among all project team members
  • Constant attention to detail
  • Ventcon accomplishes these fundamentals through its project management processes.

Stage 1: Project Preplanning

Actions taken in the first 25 percent of a project are significantly more important to the successful outcome of a project than actions taken after that point.

Source: Mechanical Contractors Association of America

Why is it important to preplan?

When time is spent preplanning a project, you gain the ability to foresee potential problems and handle them prior to the “crisis point” of a looming deadline. Project Preplanning can and should be done on any type of project, but a Design Assist project uniquely lends itself to this process.

Consistent elements of Project Preplanning in a Design Assist project consist of:

  • Formulating project goals and objectives
  • Detailed cost estimates for construction
  • Opportunities through value engineering
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Pricing, including ongoing operational costs
  • Constructibility and maintainability reviews
  • Scheduling and project planning
  • Ability to purchase equipment with long lead times

A successful preplanning stage leads directly into the Project Construction Kick-off.

Stage 2: Project Construction Kick-off

Our Project Construction Kick-off is the point of a project where we pass the leadership responsibilities from our design team to our operations team. To ensure a smooth transition, our operational team will lend their expertise and become familiar with the project throughout the entire design phase. Our Design Assist team will also remain a valuable resource throughout the duration of the project.

So what does a Project Kick-off entail? This is Ventcon’s procedure to ensure that all the project participants realize the complexities and challenges of the upcoming project. This is accomplished through our Project Kick-off Agenda covering such topics as:

  • Project goals and objectives
  • Scheduling and milestones
  • Manpower loading
  • Purchasing requirements
  • Material handling.
  • Startup requirements
  • General and site-specific safety requirements
  • Complete and thorough design review

Our goals for this process are to clearly assign responsibilities and try to eliminate surprises. A successful process of pre-project and Project Kick-off leads to a much smoother project with as few surprises as possible.

Stage 3: Project Construction

Utilizing the tools that were developed in the project preplanning and kick-off phases, our project managers, jobsite supervisors and subcontractors order, receive and install the project. The critical procedures during this phase are monitoring project milestones to ensure deadlines are being met. Following the critical processes also insures project quality, safety compliance, quality requirements and job site cleanliness requirements are being met.

Stage 4: Project Commissioning

There is an old saying, “The last 10% of a project takes 30% of the labor.” In order to have a seamless project commissioning process, you must plan for this stage at the beginning of the project. With effective planning from the start, project commissioning will be a simple step to project completion.

All activities, including testing, balancing, control sequences and calibration affect how much effort commissioning a system will require. Communication and coordination among the trades involved in startup requires skill, experience and leadership.

Ventcon has the experienced people and effective processes in place to seamlessly handle this difficult portion of our projects.

Stage 5: Project Closeout

A project is not complete until it is turned over to a trained, educated staff with all the resources they need to understand and maintain their systems. Ventcon has experienced technicians who provide necessary training on operating the installed systems.

Maintenance manuals, along with as-built drawings and balance reports, are just some of the items that Ventcon supplies at project closeout. These are necessary to complete a project.

The Ventcon Project Tracker program insures that these items are turned over in a timely and professional manner.

The Ventcon Way is the RIGHT way!

There may be other ways to get a successful project completed, but Ventcon’s 40 years of experience, together with experienced employees in estimating, design, installation and project management has proven project after project that the Ventcon way is the right way!