Ventcon HVAC Estimating Process

Successful Projects Begin With Successful Estimates

The success of any construction project begins with the estimate. Over the past 40 years, Ventcon has continually maintained a dedicated Estimating department.

What is a dedicated Estimating department?

At Ventcon, it is our belief the daily roles of the Estimator and the Project Manager should be divided and treated seperately. Ventcon believes the Estimator who tries to maintain the day to day responsibilities of Project Management while also estimating, requires too much for any one person to manage. In order to stay focused in Estimating and Project Management, we have divided the roles. We believe that a dedicated Estimating department is critical to the success of every project. This concept allows Ventcon to bid a significant amount of projects efficiently and accurately.

Accurate Computerized Estimating System

Ventcon utilizes TSI & Quick Pen computerized estimating systems to perform detailed take-offs and project pricing.

Our estimators are experienced in all types of project delivery systems including:

  • Conceptual Estimates
  • Preliminary Budgeting
  • Design Build
  • Design Assist
  • Plans and Specification

Customized Client Reporting

Delivery of a successful project depends on many factors, including how the estimate is put together at the beginning of the estimating process. We typically build our estimates the same way we would build the actual project.

The detailed estimates can be customized to suit the uniqueness of a particular project. For instance, the take-off, and resultant cost estimates, can be segregated by:

  • Phases:
    • Owners Project Completion Timing and Requirements
  • Area:
    • By Floor
    • By Department
    • By Mechanical Room
  • Systems:
    • Chilled Water System
    • Heating System
    • Water System
    • Ventilation System
  • Materials:
    • Steel Welded
    • Copper Solder

Using this customized approach allows Ventcon to not only estimate the project based on the pre-determined project flow, but also allows us to accurately report on the progress of each of those sections.

Our Project Management system is tied directly to the flow of the estimate. This process streamlines the entire project by providing a consistent project flow from start to finish of the project.

Estimating to the Construction Plan

Ventcon believes in estimating the project the way it will be constructed. We are able to use the estimating systems to create cost estimates that become a valuable tool to assist owners and construction managers in:

  • Design Assist
  • Value Engineering Analysis
  • Project Management Planning
  • Specific Project Strategies
  • Development of Project Schedules
  • Managing Labor Resources
  • Project Cost Tracking

Estimating: More than just a number

Utilizing our years of building successful mechanical projects, Ventcon has placed significant emphasis on the Estimating department. The estimate is the beginning of developing a successful project that is completed on schedule and on budget. Our Estimating department can assist Engineers and Project Owners with several beneficial services to help you build a successful project.