What is BIM?

Defining BIM

The acronym BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. Building information modeling covers geometry, spatial relationships, light analysis, geographic information, quantities and properties of building components. BIM can be used to demonstrate the entire building life cycle, including the processes of construction and facility operation. Quantities and shared properties of materials can be extracted easily. Scopes of work can be isolated and defined. Systems, assemblies and sequences can be shown in a relative scale with the entire facility or group of facilities.

In simple terms, BIM allows the experienced staff at Ventcon to “see” your project before it is constructed. This has numerous benefits for our customers.

Why HVAC and BIM?

Time is money and schedules are always pressing everyone involved with a construction project. Ventcon takes the same approach to every project. That includes establishing a BIM 3D model of each project. The advantages for our customers are:

  • We can see and identify design issues from an installation standpoint.
  • We can identify problems before construction begins, eliminating time delays during construction.
  • Ventcon can identify cost savings utilizing optional routes or other techniques.

Why Ventcon and BIM?

We Find the Most Cost Effective Routes

With our staff’s knowledge of ductwork and other mechanical disciplines, Ventcon can find the most cost effective routes for commercial ductwork. This approach is successful because the review is performed by experienced sheet metal workers who have years of installation and fabrication experience. We combine that experience with training in BIM. This visual approach allows experienced technicians to visually inspect the routes and determine the most cost effective approach to the constructability of the design.

We Establish Locations Prior to Construction

Got points? Let us locate them for you. Ventcon accomplishes this by incorporating the “Trimble” MEP Job Site Solutions layout method by bringing the 3D BIM into the hands of installers in the field. This advanced positioning technology allows us to locate hangers, sleeves and equipment more productively and accurately. We have great success with this technology, allowing us to install hangers prior to floor pours or the application of fireproofing. This technology is truly an advancement that Ventcon is proud to be a part of.

We Preplan Duct Installation

At Ventcon, we provide significant benefits to the owner through preplanned duct installation. Reviewing the design visually through (BIM) leads to the following benefits:

  • Lower cost production
  • Increased process control
  • Increased schedule acceleration
  • Improved safety
  • Better use of skilled labor
  • Integration of new technologies
  • Just In Time delivery
  • Reduction of on-site material storage
  • Shorter schedule durations

All of the benefits listed above are important to a successful project. Our ability to “see” the project from all angles insures that we can provide the listed benefits.

Interested in Having Ventcon BIM your Project?

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