Ventcon is Committed to Sheet Metal Safety

Ventcon Sheet Metal Safety Program Description

Since our inception the management team at Ventcon, Inc. has worked diligently with our labor force to continually improve our safe work policies and practices. We do so not for rates, numbers, or percentages but because we truly care about the safety and well-being of every one of our employees. It is our goal to eliminate weak processes, strengthen positive processes and create a safe and healthy environment for our work force.

The objective of the Ventcon Safety Program is to prevent accidents. This goal is accomplished through a number of initiatives realized by the Ventcon Safety Committee including:

Sheet Metal Safety Inspections

Inspections of job sites are conducted by our full time safety coordinator, committee members and foreman.

Sheet Metal Safety Record Keeping

Statistics of each type and cause of injury are recorded and used for focusing efforts where most needed.

HVAC Safety Training Program

Ventcon employs versatile, highly skilled tradesmen who have completed safety training required for today’s changing industry. Ventcon is committed to finding ways to make currrent requirements / certifications available to all employees. Many of these safety requirements are now available through our partnership with our local trades’ training center and other construction associations.

HVAC Accident Investigations

Foreman are trained in accident investigation. Serious accidents are responded to immediately by the Ventcon Safety Department.

Employee Drug Testing Program

All employees have completed the M.U.S.T. or equivalent drug testing program.

General HVAC Safety Work

As the industry continues to place a higher priority on safety, the Ventcon Safety Department will continue to support our project management and field personnel in their day to day safety needs.