The Right Design Saves Time and Money

Design from Field Experience

Ventcon, by virtue of its size and diversity, is ahead of the curve in knowledge and experience. By harnessing technology and experience, we are able to provide the latest developments in the design and construction of mechanical systems, equipment, materials and methods.

Ventcon’s 40 plus years of experience has been driven by quality performance. This culture carries through all areas within Ventcon. Implementing quality performance has always been key in providing HVAC Design Assist, HVAC Design Build or Value Engineering recommendations.

With this experience, we can use technology to not only design a mechanical system, but also create the most cost effective design for our customers. We do this by combining all of the following:

  • Technology
  • Experience
  • Estimating
  • Project Management
  • Cost Controls

HVAC Design Assist

In a Design Assist project, Ventcon is allowed to participate as a team member at the Design Development stage. This stage is where the input from an installer’s point of view is most relevant and important.

Why is this important?

Constructability and Long Term maintenance have cost implications to the owner. Consideration must not only be given to up front construction costs, but also long term residual maintenance and operational costs. Ventcon can save owners significant amounts of money by considering the conditions that affect Constructability and Long Term maintenance:

  • Adequate space above ceilings
  • Adequate space in utility shafts
  • Adequate space within the walls
  • Layered systems including other trades
  • Pitched gravity drainage systems
  • Size of duct, pipe, trays, etc.
  • Equipment clearances and accessibility

Ventcon maintains a sizable staff of CAD engineers and detailers with technical school training and field training. By coordinating this knowledge through detailed engineered installation drawings, Ventcon is able to provide the most cost effective mechanical solution for the owner.

HVAC Design / Build

Ventcon is a leading provider of Design Build services for the Mechanical trades. We are the first choice in partnering on a project because of the level of services that Ventcon provides to our customers.

Budgeting – Estimating

Ventcon estimators are focused on the numbers. They are not preoccupied by the day to day involvement of project management typically found among other mechanical contractors. This gives the owner a more accurate number to utilize in his project, leading to fewer surprises while the project is being built.

Design – CAD, BIM technology

Ventcon is a leader in design and modeling of mechanical systems. Our skilled staff of CAD engineers and detailers will integrate seamlessly into the owner’s design team.

Installation – Technology

Our use of technology transfers to the field for the most efficient installation possible. Ventcon utilizes Trimble technology through a GPS tracker which gives our installers accurate positioning of all relative mechanical systems. This takes the guesswork and problems away from the installation. This process gives the owner confidence that what he sees in the prints will be installed in the field accurately.