Ventcon Deploys Project Management Innovation to EVERY Project

HVAC Estimating

Most companies combine the role of HVAC Estimating and HVAC Project Management. Ventcon has split the role of Estimator from Project Management. Our experience has shown that a successful project starts within the Estimating department.

This important role is isolated so that Estimators are focused solely on developing the most accurate proposals. This effort leads to the lowest possible installation costs for our customers. Click on HVAC Estimating to learn more about the Estimating process at Ventcon.

HVAC Project Planning

Project Planning is another key role in developing a successful project. Ventcon has developed a proven process for delivering a successful project.

The five stages of the Ventcon Project planning process include pre-planning, project kickoff, construction, commissioning and project completion. Implementing the 5 stages insures fewer project problems and job delays. For a more detailed description of each stage of project planning, go to our HVAC Project Planning Page.